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About Us

Long story short – We are about you.

We started the company over a decade ago but were deliberating over how best to serve all career levels and income profiles. Money is not our goal, you are. We make sure you, not us, YOU achieve your video production dreams and be the star you’ve always dreamt of. We strive to help you showcase what you can be, your acting capabilities, your talent in motion, your short film, anything you want people to see we make it visible the way you see it. We WORK WITH YOU so whatever budget you got we adjust and still get you a fit good quality production you can take to the agents, take to the media, take to the TV channels etc

More about us is a premium affordable video production including photography studios and good quality picture studio. Our video maker, movie maker and video editing at times free video editing due to our inhouse sponsors are always near and convenient and Cheapest high quality production. Our Green screen studio and chroma key offering is the lowest priced in town. Most of our client love our Quick turn around production time. This is why we still remain the most Popular service in Atlanta Georgia. 


Our Mission

To give individuals and organizations a tool to showcase their TV talent in motion with less worry about budget

  • We work with your budget, add and subtract accordingly to still get the best quality within it.
  • We have inhouse sponsors that can pay for your project.
  • Our packages are structured to meet all needs and budget levels
  • No project is too small
  • Our crew is highly skilled and resourceful to adjust to your vision
  • Our photo studio equipment can deliver premium quality video production on all shots
  • We are always the ‘near me’ site for productions with best quality photos in Atlanta, GA


Props you need

Professional cameras

Lights and Reflectors

Dollies and trolleys

Green screen

Camera crew

3D blends

Voice Overs

Quick Postproduction

Background footage

Special Effects




Screen Writers


Under Budget

Tell us

  • What you would like to see
  • What is your idea
  • How simple can the production be
  • Where you see the scenes happening
  • What is your budget

Based on the above information we Discuss:

  • Options of cutting some parts
  • Our sponsorship programmes
  • What CAN you pay
  • How your final production will look


Big Budget

Tell us

  • Vision and scene plans
  • Number of locations
  • Urgency of the production
  • Your budget

Based on the above information we:

  • Discuss options for your scenes
  • Estimated total cost
  • Approximate the ETA
  • Resources to utilize

We Can Do


Special Effects

Green Screen

Scene Planning /
Story Boarding

In Progress

DEmo reels



Different options available. Call/ email us. Starting price $3000

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